Practitioner, have Care

Practitioner, have Care. A lay Buddhist practitioner’s perspective.

We have to ask ourselves what is gained when we slander a recognized practitioner like Grandmaster Lu for receiving donations. Most of us disciples or not, donate to practitioners and temples because we recognize the practitioner in ourselves. Sometime it is just because we want to practice giving and most times it is because we want support the Guru, the Dharma or the Sangha.

When I see others giving I am impressed, less by the person who receives than by the person who gives. It does not matter if the alms was big or small, it was their heart. My husband is good at this, he does not question his heart. How much, he asks me? At a time our motto was: affordable but painful, then maybe a bit more. Large amounts when it matters, do the same. Ouch! The pinch! Let me explain – we are very thrifty people, him from poor background, me from large extended family left to my father’s care when he was only 31 years old. I tell my students that we grew up with whole family of 5 staying in a room on one Queen sized bed (my dad, benefit of being head of family) while aunties and uncles in groups on floors of rooms and living spaces. Back to the point – at one time Singapore Yuan Zhen Tang needed a place to call its own, hubby donated huge (to us) amount $10k. We seldom buy lotto, he accompanied a friend, gets a thought to buy, he buys, he wins. Amount? Exactly $10k. Wow! We’ve  just experienced karmic fruition within the few months. I am still a stingy woman, I am quite neutral in this regard and tend not to initiate donations as all these mainly follows through from my husband. But when I see others giving, my heart really softens. I recognize and humbly respect the magnamousity of their hearts. I am still learning from them.

Have care, do not slander the receiving of donations. When we do that, we belittle the hearts of the people who are giving.


Lianhua Meelee




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